Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fisking Charles Moton's "Re: Sucking up to the NRA"

Charles Moton (and please, let's all make sure we spell his name correctly, we are above ad hominem attacks here) has written a piece for the Lake County (CA) Record-Bee. When such a breathtakingly broad array of idiocy is laid out the question always arises, where to begin? Let's begin at the beginning:
"The Republican party stresses the importance of States' Rights, except, it appears, in one instance: concealed weapons permits."
Charles leaves out freedom of the press, speech and religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, self-incrimination, the right to a jury trial. You know, all those *other* enumerated rights to be found in the Bill of Rights. And let's not even get started on voting rights, Jim Crow laws, etc..

But putting that aside let me ask, how silly does this sound: "Imagine someone coming into California from another state. His Driver's License would be valid; however, he would have to follow California law." Well, yeah, and . . . ? I am responsible for knowing the laws of the state where I am, and let me assure you, if I ever visit the Peoples' Republic of California I will make sure to study their gun laws thoroughly before coming. I don't feel like having my $1200 carry pistol confiscated because it turns out to be an "assault weapon" or holds too many bullets or isn't approved for safety by the state gov't or whatever other silly-ass excuse they can come up with for disarming me.

You could make the same argument about medical marijuana: If I have a valid CA (or CO or wherever) MM card and am visiting some less enlightened state, I am responsible for knowing their laws.
"California does not allow CCW holders to enter a bar with a weapon. Some states do. If a visitor were to follow the laws of his state, he would be immediately charged with a felony in this instance."
Well, one way to get rid of that problem is to get rid of your stupid mala prohibita laws and only punish actual bad behaviour (as in shooting someone, not innocently walking into a bar when armed).
"And what about Vermont and Arizona? Ignoring the fact that there is no guarantee of basic competency in either the knowledge of the law or competency in handling a firearm due to the lack of a screening class provided by a permit process, how would these people be treated if they came to California with a concealed weapon?"
I have an idea, let's not ignore the lack of training requirements, let's grasp that bull squarely by the horns. Charles, would you carry a deadly weapon without having trained yourself with it? The hell with "competency", would you arm yourself if you were not secure in the knowledge that A) you knew how to safely handle your weapon and 2) you could count on hitting what you aimed at in a SHTF situation? If you answered "Yes" then how DARE you sir! How DARE you presume that I am less capable and responsible than you are! And if you say that you would not takes steps to ensure your basic skills with a firearm before starting to carry one then I suggest you are too immature and selfish to engage in serious discourse so run along now and leave important things to the grown-ups.
"Legislators apparently don't realize the importance of the permit process. Above and beyond the importance of knowing the law and safety is how to respond to the various situations a permitee may encounter."
Which is why it is incumbent upon the individual to take responsibility for knowing what the laws and court rulings are regarding carrying and using a deadly weapon.
"Having a concealed weapon in a routine traffic stop can really ruin a person's day if he doesn't know how to deal with this situation among others."
Yeah, especially if you are driving through Canton Ohio and get pulled over. It's always fun when a cop is screaming at you to shut your *%^&#ing pie-hole when your are trying to inform him (as required by law in Ohio) that you are a permit-holder lawfully carrying a weapon. But apart from homicidal cops with anger management problems this is another one of those "yes it could ruin your day if you are stupid" situations.
Every permit holder that I know (and I know scores) has discussed, debated and decided how to handle the situation when pulled over. Personally I have a small bifold, two-window wallet with my driver's license in one window and my permit in the other window. When I am pulled over (and it happens as I'm a bit of a lead-foot) I make sure that I roll down the windows, turn off the ignition, remove the keys and dangle them out the window with my left hand, while holding my right hand up in plain sight (and if it is at night I turn on the interior light) because cops on traffic stops really like to see your hands. Then when the officer asks to see my license, I put my keys on the dashboard, inform him what pocket I am pulling it out of and then show it to him stating "As you can see I do have a permit to carry and I am (or am not as the case might be) carrying a weapon." All this time I make sure that both hands are in plain sight. The half-dozen or so times I've been pulled over since I got my permit the officer has asked where the weapon is (usually in a should holster) and left it at that. Oh, and for those who are wondering, no I haven't been ticketed on any of those occasions.

And one last little bit of moronitude:
"The Second Amendment guarantees the right 'to keep and bear Arms (sic),' but it doesn't say where or how or when!"
Sure it does Charles; it says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Now the first part is pretty much window dressing, so let's look at the primary clause: "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms" (and here's the important bit you missed Charles) "shall not be infringed." That means you can carry anywhere, in any manner you desire, any time you deem it to be prudent. And yes, I mean that I should be able to walk the length of Manhattan, at high noon, with a pistol on my hip and a SMG slung on my shoulder.

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