Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hi! My Name Is insanely libertarian

Here is another copy of my Google profile:

I came to being insanely libertarian in the usual gradual fashion. When I was in Elementary School I was a liberal, believing that government could cure all ills. Like my belief in the tooth fairy, that didn't last. By early high-school I had morphed into a laissez-faire conservative with libertarian leanings. Eight years in the Navy cured me of any remaining naievete about the efficiency and efficacy of government. Science Fiction nurtured my libertarian leanings and gave me examples of how minimalist government societies could work. I got involved with Second Amendment rights when Minnesota was working on passing a 'shall issue' carry law and I saw the huge gun lobby (hundreds of people donating $5 - $10 to support a few dozen activists who worked for gun rights while working for a living) vs. the poor underdog anti-gunners (a couple of paid 'activists' running an astroturf effort supported by soccer moms and single payer grants of $50,000 - $250,000).

As I became more involved in Second Amendment issues my eyes were opened to the horrendous abuses of an out of control government which burst through any concept of 'limited enumerated powers' decades ago and who have continued to trash the ragged remnants of the Bill of Rights with increasing ferocity.

Free exercise of religion? Sure, unless your religion called for you to seek enlightenment and visions through vegetative compounds in use since the invention of fire.

Freedom of speech? Of course, unless it is 'hate speech', or political speech within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election, or outside of a 'free speech zone'.

Freedom of the press? Sure, as long as you are an 'authorized journalist' working for a mainstream media monolith.

Peaceable assembly? See above about your 'free speech zones'. And make sure that you have a permit, and that it is the correct kind of permit for the proper location.

Second Amendment? What part of shall not be infringed is hard to understand?

Secure in your houses, persons and effects? Of course, unless you are a suspected terrorist being 'sneak and peeked' or warrantlessly wiretapped. Or unless you are a 'drug kingpin' whose door is kicked in at 3AM by armed men who are free to shoot you if you make the slightest threatening move.

Do I need to continue?

So although my main focus is Second Amendment issues, I will also give the occasional rant about police state excesses like squelching dissent, or people who are above the law, or bureaucrats who 'teach a lesson' to some smart-aleck who actually believes that s/he still has rights.

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