Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just exactly what is an insane libertarian?

This insane libertarian is one who believes that if we cut government by 99% that would be a good start.

'But what about roads and schools and police' I hear the statists cry. Yes, these are all critical services, and we all know how well the government does providing roads and other infrastructure, government schools, and police protection.

But showing that gov't provides a service badly does not mean private industry can do it well. So let's look at some examples of private roads: The Dulles Greenway is one such example, residential area private roads are another. An area near where I live is almost exclusively private roads. The area bounded by Crestview Drive, Londin Lane, McKnight Road and Mailand Road has only two publice roads: Dorland Road and Pond Avenue. All the other streets in that neighborhood are private, maintained by the homeowners' association.

But what would we do without those government schools? According to their own fact sheet, in 2007-2008 the Minneapolis government schools spent $18,931.26 per pupil. The Blake School (the most expensive one I found in a quick search) accepts 60% of applicants, costs each pupil $17,745 a year and has much higher academic achievement, graduation rates and college attendance rates. Totino-Grace (where my step-daughter attended) accepts 95% of applicants (so much for 'cherry-picking) and costs $8050 per year. It also significantly outperforms Mpls schools in every academic metric.

As for the myth of police protection, court after court has ruled that police have no duty to protect individuals, that their responsibility is to society at large. And even that responsibility can be abandoned if it becomes too dangerous or onerous. Thus it is incumbent upon the individual to take whatever steps s/he chooses for self-defense. If some choose to be a victim, that is their right, but they have no right to prevent me from obtaining, carrying and (G-d forbid) using whatever tools I choose to defend myself and my loved ones.

This insane libertarian believes that any behavior, any behavior, which does not cause actual direct physical or economic harm to another, or the immediate danger of such harm, or which curtails someone else's freedom of action, should be lawful.

Smoke dope? No problem.
Collect a hundred guns with ten thousand rounds of ammo for each? Go for it.
Cut down the 500 year old oak in your front yard and put up a 7 foot purple blow-up gorilla? None of my business.
Engage in risky sexual practices with one or more consenting adults in the privacy of your own home or sex club? Enjoy.

Do what you want with your property and your body, as long as it does not does not cause actual direct physical or economic harm to another. And don't try to deny me the same rights.

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